Equity in Education

Aurora is rich in diversity. We need to be intentional and actionable in fostering a space of equity and inclusion to effectively meet the needs of our diverse student population. Creating a true culture of diversity, equity and inclusion is a commitment that starts from the top of any organization. It is a mindset that needs to be embedded in everything that we do.

It starts with seeing each of our kids and teachers for who they are. It means understanding how their socio-economic background, cultures, religions and gender-diversity impacts how they see the world and how the world sees them. It means understanding how each of their stories defines them and their journey. It means understanding the barriers specific to our immigrant families.

Continuing to remove language barriers needs to be a priority. Language barriers impact how our families support their kids and limit their opportunities. Representation matters. We need to prioritize retaining and attracting teachers who reflect the diversity of our students. Having strong mentors and role models that represent our kids builds connection and our kids feel seen.